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Professional photographers explain why they shoot Panasonic Lumix

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Sony a7R III Pixel Shift lifts a veil off your landscapes

"The last time I saw this jump in clarity was going from a Rebel with kit lens to a 5D with L-series lens, to put this in perspective."

Gear of the Year 2017 - Barney's choice: Leica M10

"Its inherent trickiness is one of the reasons I enjoy shooting with the M10 so much. Compared to an auto-everything DSLR or mirrorless camera, it's very challenging. When I capture an image that I really like, I appreciate it more because I feel like I've worked harder to get there."

Cinematic 4K footage shot with the Apple iPhone X

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Sigma's new 16mm F1.4 will cost $450, ships this month

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This is what happens when a 'weather sealed' camera takes a dip in salt water

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Meet the Panasonic G9

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Panasonic Lumix G9: What you need to know

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Panasonic G9 offers pro-level features, 20 fps bursts, huge EVF and class-leading image stabilization

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Reflex modular SLR unveiled: The first new manual 35mm SLR in decades

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Photo story of the week: Fire and Ice

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This animation shows the chaos a drone caused at a London airport

The chaos caused by a single drone...

AI-based upsampling tech creates high-res versions of low-res images

That cheesy 'Enhance!' trope from the movies might not be a trope for much longer...

Macphun unveils Luminar 2018, takes on Adobe Lightroom CC

More competition for Adobe

Canon 85mm F1.4L IS USM sample gallery

Canon 85mm F1.4 Sample Photos: portraits, fall foliage, and adorable dogs in Halloween costumes!

30 Organizations That Want to Fund Your Photo Project Guide

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First iPhone X hands-on field test with sample photos

Check out the first iPhone X hands-on, courtesy of Chase Jarvis!

Sony a7R III dynamic range improved, nearly matches chart-topping Nikon D850

When it comes to dynamic range, the a7R III goes punch-for-punch with the chart-topping Nikon D850!

Nikon shuts down camera factory in China, blames 'the rise of smartphones'

The factory employed some 2,500 people, and produced entry-level compact cameras and DSLR lenses.

Hands-on with new Fujifilm X and GF lenses

Up close with some new Fuji gear!

Sony a7R III Overview

Take a look at Sony's brand new a7R Mark III.

The medium format Hasselblad X1D is the highest rated camera on DxOMark

Step aside Nikon D850: The Hassleblad X1D-50c is the new highest rated camera on DxOMark.

Sony a7R III sample gallery

Our first gallery of sample photos with the impressive new Sony a7R III is live!

Sony a7R III Eye AF at 8 fps

We've already seen how incredibly well the Sony's new a7R III tracks eyes (http://bit.ly/2yTYiJs), but how does it perform during continuous bursts?

Here's the new Sony a7R III continuously focusing on eyes while shooting at 8 fps. Wow. No it's not a9 perfect, but consider it's also reading out 340 megapixels a second, while focusing on your subject's eye.

We've also slowed down the footage 5x (thanks to Sony's own RX0 camera) to show you that each frame displayed in the EVF during 8 fps 'live view' shooting appears to be a single frame, with fades to black inserted.

While this isn't the 'live feed no blackout' shooting the a9 offers, it's nothing short of impressive for a 42.4 MP mirrorless camera.

Sony a7R III Eye AF Demo

The Sony a7R III's improved Eye AF mode sure looks impressive.

Demo: Here is the Sony a7R III shooting at 10 fps

Well this is just cool.

Sony developing a 400mm F2.8 G Master lens

A 400mm F2.8 GM will arrive in Summer 2018.